1st Floor, Thurburn Wing,
400, Deans Road,
Colombo 10 (01000), Sri Lanka.

Honouring the Unsung Heroes of Sri Lanka Shipping Company Limited

Sri Lanka Shipping Company Limited (SLSC), a subsidiary of Advantis Group, the transportation and logistics arm of Hayleys PLC, has been fuelling the shipping trade in Sri Lanka since 1956. Today, the Company caters to the growing needs of clientele in the region and stands as one of the oldest and largest shipping companies in Sri Lanka, offering a range of services, including ship owning and operating, ship management, a variety of agency services, emergency response, ocean and harbour towage, offshore support services, custom house agency, crew management and placement, delivery and lay up crew services, specialised crew training, and quayside mobile bagging plants for free-flowing commodities.

With a diverse range of service offerings, SLSC is backed by a strong workforce that ensures the seamless execution of its operations. Therefore, SLSC finds the Day of the Seafarer to be a pivotal event in its maritime calendar.

“The Day of the Seafarer is a cornerstone event in our calendar, providing an opportunity to honour the invaluable contributions of all seafarers whose tireless efforts ensure the seamless execution of our operations. Their dedication is essential not only to our success but also to the global maritime industry. We extend our deepest gratitude to them, recognising their pivotal role in our sector.” Said Surindha De Abrew, Director/CEO of Sri Lanka Shipping Company Limited.

SLSC stands at the forefront of Sri Lankan maritime excellence as the first private company to provide tugs and related services to the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA). The Company has also serviced the SLPA and the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation by facilitating the importation of crude oil and assisting the mooring of vessels at the Single Point Mooring Buoy (SPBM) facility situated almost 10 km away from the Port of Colombo. At present, SLSC carries out the highest number of towage and salvage operations in the Indian Ocean up to 160bp and was recently successful in carrying out a towage operation from Gabon, Central Africa to Khor Fakkan, UAE.

This year has been a particularly momentous year for SLSC, as the Company received a special commendation at the International Tug and Salvage (ITS) Awards 2024, which recognised outstanding vessels, operators, innovators, and professionals that raised the bar for safety, sustainability, and operational excellence in the past twelve months. This recognition was bestowed upon SLSC for its support in sustaining maritime safety, operational efficiency, reliability, and innovation in delivering the highest quality of tug ownership and operation in the region.

The Company strongly believes that those responsible for its remarkable achievements often remain unseen, toiling tirelessly beyond the horizon and out of sight. Therefore, the Day of the Seafarer deserves applause for encouraging people to pause and reflect on the importance of officers, cooks, and everyone else on whom the industry relies. SLSC also cherishes the technical expertise, the ingenuity, and, above all, the dedication of the skilled men and women who are pivotal in the Company’s success, today and tomorrow. The Day of the Seafarer annually celebrates their invaluable contributions. However, it is crucial to recognise the gratitude for seafarers extends beyond this day, acknowledging their dedication and pivotal role in everyday life.