1st Floor, Thurburn Wing,
400, Deans Road,
Colombo 10 (01000), Sri Lanka.


Covering air, land and sea we have expanded our logistics portfolio to serve diverse industry verticals offering solutions for complex logistics requirements. Our end-to-end logistics portfolio and experience of over six decades puts us at an advantageous position to solve your logistics requirement, regardless of how large or small your operations may be. Established as one of the largest logistics companies in Sri Lanka with a presence spread across South East Asia and the Indian Subcontinent, we are well positioned to cater to your logistics needs, be it in Third Party Logistics, Warehousing, Free Zone Logistics, Project Logistics, E-Commerce, Logistics related Engineering solutions, Oil & Gas Logistics, Shipping, Freight Forwarding, Ship Operations, Marine Services and Aviation

Backed by the diversified blue chip conglomerate Hayleys PLC, we are ready to deliver your promises, by connecting people through inspired logistics solutions.

Service Excellence

Hayleys Advantis Service Excellence

Excellence is part and parcel of day to day operations at Hayleys Advantis, with our services receiving many accolades and accreditations over the years.

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Hayleys Sustainability

Sustainability and sustainable development is at the core of everything we do at Hayleys Advantis, with a strict focus on the triple bottom line. Our focus on Environment, health and safety (EHS) is driven by an internal policy, which sets the foundation for sustainable development in all we do.

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