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Convertainers®by Advantis Engineering wins Silver at SLIM Brand Excellence 2021 for “Innovative Brand of the Year”

Recognising its unquenchable thirst for innovation, ‘Convertainers® by Advantis Engineering’ was recognised and honoured at the prestigious SLIM Brand Excellence Awards 2021, organised by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing. SLIM Brand Excellence; an awards scheme that recognises that a brand is only as strong as those who uphold its vision; awards the hard work put into creating great brands and the dedication of individuals that make brands come alive. ‘Convertainers by Advantis Engineering’, nominated as a finalist amongst the top B2C and B2B brands, secured the Silver Award at the prestigious awards ceremony in the ‘Innovative Brand of the Year’ category. This achievement showcases how far the brand has come from its inception and highlights its innovative capabilities and the success of its strategic brand-building initiatives.

Specialising in modular construction, a method used in large and medium scale construction across the globe, Advantis Engineering has built many construction marvels utilising this technology. This type of construction has multiple advantages compared to traditional building methods of brick and mortar. However, in Sri Lanka, these methods are heavily underutilised, and as a result, local industries are yet to embrace the full potential of sustainable construction technologies.

Established in 2004, Advantis Engineering and its flagship brand Convertainers® have revolutionised the construction arena. Convertainers® are shipping containers converted into living and workspaces that deliver ‘Endless Possibilities’ using innovative technologies. Over the years, ‘Convertainers® by Advantis Engineering’ has completed over 4500 projects worldwide, including converted container projects in countries such as India, The Maldives, Bangladesh, Thailand and Angola, amongst many others. As the market leader in the industry, the Convertainers® brand thrives on constant innovation and drives a brand culture that always thinks beyond the norms of traditional ways to build spaces.

The innovation-driven culture within Advantis Engineering encourages unconventional thinking to find solutions to resolve modern-day construction problems. Amongst its benefits compared to traditional construction methods, Convertainers® requires minimal time to complete, enabling a quicker return on investment whilst also providing value for money. Furthermore, Advantis Engineering owns South Asia’s largest sheltered container conversion facility, assuring clients the best in quality due to the benefits of a controlled factory environment. Above all, Convertainers® is a highly sustainable, environmentally friendly construction option that reduces waste, minimises emissions and saves energy.

“Convertainers was one of the first brands in Sri Lanka to introduce unique space solutions by utilising shipping containers. Over the years, the company has continued its innovation journey by using the latest technology applications to expand its service offering, ensuring the production of best in class mobile space solutions. As a brand that belongs to Advantis Engineering, a subsidiary of Hayleys Advantis, this achievement by Convertainers® adds to the holistic growth of the brand, Advantis”, said Mr. Ruwan Waidyaratne, Managing Director of Hayleys Advantis Limited.

Speaking on the Award, Director/CEO of Advantis Engineering Eng. Kamal Wimalaratne said, “The Convertainers® brand defines what we do at Advantis Engineering. We encourage out-of-the-box thinking, which we believe could change the construction industry in Sri Lanka and beyond. Strengthened by our parent, Hayleys Advantis Group, the transportation and logistics arm of the blue-chip multinational conglomerate Hayleys PLC, we aspire to keep innovating to find better ways to build for the future”.

“Convertainers by Advantis Engineering”: Endless possibilities through endless innovation.