1st Floor, Thurburn Wing,
400, Deans Road,
Colombo 10 (01000), Sri Lanka.


Advantis Engineering, a subsidiary of Hayleys Advantis Limited, recently completed the first phase of the design, construction, furnishing and assembly of a pre-engineered boat manufacturing facility for BAFF Polymech at Ussangoda in Hambantota. Advantis Engineering has constantly strived to raise the bar of excellence in the construction and turnkey space solutions industry and the successful completion of phase 1 of the project is yet another step in this direction.

Pre-engineered Steel Buildings (PESB) are steel structures where built-up sections are fabricated at a factory to the exact size, transported to the project site and assembled with bolted connections. The construction of this boat manufactory as a PESB brought about several advantages such as a competitive pricing solution due to the optimization that PESBs provide, a shorter construction period which will lead to an earlier return on investment, a significant reduction in wastage of raw materials which benefits the company whilst reducing its impact on the environment and the ability to provide a greater degree of quality control which would not be possible during traditional construction.

Advantis Engineering’s efforts to provide a turnkey, customized solution was well received by BAFF Polymech who have also awarded the second phase of the project to them.

“We are extremely pleased with the speed, quality of work and professionalism shown by Advantis Engineering in constructing our boat manufacturing facility as a pre-engineered building. Based on their outstanding project execution we have awarded the second phase of this project to them and we are fully confident that the entire project will be completed to our total satisfaction,” said Pierre Pringiers, Chairman of BAFF Polymech.

“For Advantis Engineering, completing the first phase of this project within a mere 90 days was a monumental achievement. The company’s project management, engineering and project logistics teams all collaborated to make this project a resounding success. In addition, our synergies with the Hayleys Group were also a huge boon to help us complete this project in record breaking time. We also appreciate the management of BAFF Polymech in trusting us with this project and for extending their fullest support in completing the task. We consider it as a privilege to have been able to further empower this prestigious company and the services they would render to the community through this endeavor.” said Kamal Wimalaratne, General Manager of Advantis Engineering.

With over a decade of experience in providing unique space solutions to Sri Lankans, Advantis Engineering is a prominent player in the market today. Driven by innovation at its core and extensive engineering experience acquired over the years, the company has ventured into exploring opportunities that lay within the construction and manufacturing industry. Backed by the synergies and strengths of the world of Hayleys, Advantis Engineering has successfully utilized the well-known but previously under-utilized technology of pre-engineered steel buildings, to provide a unique space solution to BAFF Polymech.

Advantis Engineering, a fully owned subsidiary of Hayleys Advantis Limited, constantly strives to provide innovative space solutions for a wide variety of industries. Operating with the latest technology applications, the company has expanded its service offering over the years, ensuring that the best of space solutions are available right here in Sri Lanka. It is also the only company in Sri Lanka that is operating with a fully-fledged sheltered manufacturing plant for container conversions. Hayleys Advantis is a fully owned subsidiary of Hayleys PLC, a diversified blue-chip multinational conglomerate, recognized as the number 1 listed company in Sri Lanka.

BAFF Polymech is the pioneer in manufacturing and chartering of four (4) and six (6) cabin catamaran boats and operates in collaboration with the Sail Lanka Yachting Group.