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Colombo 10 (01000), Sri Lanka.

Advantis DNA: Empowering a multi-generational workforce towards a more inclusive future

Advantis, the transportation and logistics arm of Hayleys PLC, has embarked on a pioneering journey of cultural transformation by introducing the ‘Advantis DNA’.

The employee-led initiative focuses on empowering and amplifying the voice of the Company’s multi-generational workforce, enabling them to reshape and transform the Organisation in response to the rapidly changing world.

“As a new cohort of young, dynamic, and ambitious professionals rise to positions of real responsibility, and new generations enter the workforce, we recognised the need for a conscious and structured effort to support their integration into our Organisation. Simultaneously, it became evident that we needed to adapt ourselves and our Company to align with their aspirations and the rapidly changing nature of work,” said Ruwan Waidyaratne, the Managing Director of the Advantis Group.

He further explained “The Advantis DNA represents our acknowledgement of the need for change and our commitment towards empowering our people to grow and thrive, driving our Organisation to new heights. This evolution is designed to anticipate future cultural shifts over the next decade, document our team’s experiences and suggestions through regular pulse checks and regularly reexamine our culture every three years”. 

The launch of Advantis DNA represents the culmination of a 20-month long programme of extensive employee consultation – spanning 2,300+ employee voices, 17 cultural surveys and 19 leadership workshops for Advantis teams in Sri Lanka and across the globe.

Each session was focused on gaining a holistic and accurate understanding of organisational bias for Strategic emphasis, leadership preference, employee management, criteria for success and other dominant cultural elements. Accordingly, Advantis hosted further employee consultations to help co-create a blueprint for an Organisation-wide cultural transformation in which all employees would be given the training, encouragement, resources, and tools needed to achieve their maximum potential.

“Before embarking on this ambitious programme of cultural transformation, we studied established global benchmarks in the corporate culture, including emerging players in the logistics and construction fields. Moreover, we also looked at global conglomerates that have successfully fostered an inclusive organisational culture where people can thrive and be future-ready,” said Sagara Peiris, Member of the Group Management Committee of Advantis.

He further added, “Drawing from all of these elements, as well as our established strengths, we developed the Advantis Culture Canvas. Each of these elements was then broken down into small and defined actions that would incrementally move the organisational culture to align with the aspirations of our teams”.

In order to introduce the entire team to the Company’s revamped Values, Purpose, Philosophy and Spirit, Advantis organised an event filled with gamified experience for all employees, creating a series of activities, and contests that helped reinforce values and demonstrate how those values can help lead to effective actions across every aspect of the business.

Advantis is Sri Lanka’s most diversified transportation and logistics provider, with over six decades of experience and operations spread across Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, the Maldives, Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand. Backed by the blue-chip multinational conglomerate Hayleys PLC, Advantis is at the forefront of the logistics and construction industries providing end-to-end solutions covering Integrated Logistics, Projects and Engineering, Marine and Energy, International Freight Management and Travel and Aviation.