1st Floor, Thurburn Wing,
400, Deans Road,
Colombo 10 (01000), Sri Lanka.

Regional Liners

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    Since 2003, our liner/feeder operations have been providing distinctive solutions to many leading shipping lines to enhance their reach, particularly in the niche markets.

    Fulhangi Service

    We operate a feeder service between the Port of Colombo, Sri Lanka and the Port of Malé, Maldives.  This service, referred to as the “Fulhangi Service”  has had many successes and contributed to the growth of the shipping industry in both countries.

    Our services

    • Handling and transporting dangerous goods
    • Container operations
    • Reefer container operations
    • Handling break bulk
    • Frequency every 10 days

    Jambi Service

    Our feeder service which operates between Indonesia and Singapore, has a dedicated service running between Jambi, Indonesia and Singapore (V.V.)  connecting the Jambi region of Indonesia to the rest of the world. In collaboration with our local partner, we connect the Indonesian capital city of Jakarta to facilitate and grow the  Jambi export market. This creates an opportunity for customers in Jakarta and Surabaya to connect to the Jambi trade link and make use of even more domestic and international shipping services.

    International Service

    • Sailing from Jambi to Singapore
    • Talang Duku, Jambi Port – PSA Terminal,        Singapore (V.V.)
    • Nomination shipment from carrier
    • Transshipment Port – Singapore
    • Laden/Empty
    • Cy/Cy term
    • As a forwarder, provide competitive freight rates either from Jambi or Singapore to all international destinations
    • End-to-end services from Jambi to all international destinations

    Domestic Service

    • Sailings from Jakarta  to Jambi