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    With close to two decades of experience in providing third party logistics services in Sri Lanka, Advantis has cemented its position as a leading Third Party Logistics (3PL) operator in the region, through the dominance established in its home market as well as several other countries such as Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and Myanmar.

    We serve clients from diverse industries across the region, through strategically located modern warehousing infrastructure and an extensive transportation network. Drawing strength from our people, processes and systems, we use bench-marked technologies, in order to achieve third party logistics service excellence for our valued business partners.

    Our focus is on quality and systems, stems from our adherence to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems,ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, ISO 22000:2018 food safety management system and ISO 14001:2015 environmental management systems certifications.

    As one of the top supply chain management companies in Sri Lanka, Advantis maintains strong, long term partnerships with several leading Multi-National and local Companies to SMEs from diverse industry verticals. We also provide logistics and supply chain management consultancy services in designing, setting up and operating world class distribution infrastructure.


    Physical Stock Verification 

    We have qualified staff with industry experience to efficiently conduct stock counts for your company efficiently and accurately.

    Inventory is the life blood of any organization, especially for those who market tangible products. Having the right product at the right time, in the right condition in the right quantity is what every organization is striving to achieve. Companies that have perfected this have managed to achieve a competitive advantage.

    Companies have a tendency of conducting an annual or biannual stock count utilizing its own permanent staff; while this seems to be a practical solution it has its inherent drawbacks such as the staff not possessing the necessary skills and experience to conduct a stock take efficiently while maintaining the levels of accuracy.

    As the leading third party logistics company in Sri Lanka, we have acquired unique expertise and skills by providing end-to-end logistic services to its diverse clientele consisting of both global and domestic corporate giants across multiple industry verticals i.e. FMCG, White Goods, Apparel, Retail, Hi-Tech, Tel-Co, Pharmaceuticals etc. A strict adherence to ISO process standards and service have also contributed to our success in carrying out services such as Physical Stock Verifications (PSV) efficiently and accurately.


    Value added services 

    With a dedicated, well experienced team, we provide a range of services from Labelling, Re-packing, Export Palletizing, Kitting, Price-Marking, etc.

    Being an ‘end to end integrator’ for logistics services, we provide a gamut of Pre-Retail Services for the products we handle on behalf of our clients.


    Conformance to Regulatory Standards

    In Sri Lanka, we have received certification from the Sri Lanka Customs and Consumer Affairs Authority to provide ‘Maximum retail Price’ (MRP) marking services for certain varieties of import cargo under local import control regulations, under the supervision of the Sri Lanka customs.


    Quality Assurance

    Through our Pre-Retail Services, we understand the value that we add to our clients in order to make their products ready for sale. As such, quality assurance plays an important role in what we do. Our trained quality assurance team is responsible for quality of the Pre-retail activities we undertake.


    Industry Specific Services

    We are also geared to provide industry specific Pre-retail services for industry verticals such as Apparel (shade checking, swatch cutting, product labelling, tagging), pharmaceutical (expiry date marking, medical instruction leaflet insertion, sample pack preparation), FMCG (small pack preparations), etc.


    Supplier coordination and call off 

    We act as the link between client and supplier to ensure we ‘call off’ the right product at the right time in the right quantity and quality to ensure no interruption in the client’s production process.

    Better linking the raw material and packing material flow between supplier’s warehouse and client’s production line, we are specialized in the ‘material call off and supplier coordination’ function whereby we act as the link between client and supplier to ensure we ‘call off’ the right product at the right time in the right quantity and quality to ensure no interruption in the client’s production process.


    Supplier Development

    Working closely with the suppliers and the client, by providing Supplier Evaluation feedback to the client we provide better visibility to the client on the service standards of the supplier and provide feedback on how to improve supplier reliability and cost further.


    Reducing Cost to Client

    In providing this service we work with the client’s production planning unit, thereby ensuring that only the required quantity of material is available in the client’s warehouse, hence reducing inventory holding costs and reducing warehouse space requirements for the client.


    Production line logistics 

    Releasing the client to focus on the core areas of the production process; we take over the non-core, but equally critical functions of the production process.

    The service scope covers raw material feeding to production lines, end of line packing, packing quality assurance, palletising, inter factory movement of work in Progress (WIP) etc. Our teams work side-by side with client’s factory staff in planning and executing the production process efficiently.


    Ensuring Quality & Efficiency

    Although this activity may seem non-core in nature, any aspect of the production process is crucial to ensure maximum quality of the end product. Our production line operations are thus managed as per a strict process guide-line with experienced people deployed to manage the operation. Key Performance Indicators are used to ensure efficiency and service delivery.


    Eliminating Time on Resource Management

    Most production processes require labour and machinery to be deployed for non-core production activities. We take the responsibility to plan and efficiently deploy people and equipment resources to effectively execute the operation. We focus on efficiency enhancements through regular process improvements.


    Logistics Consultancy 

    Our consultancy solutions provide direction and support in driving improved profitability, improved customer service and increased supply chain flexibility.

    Our consultancy scope covers solutions for cost effective and efficient warehouse storage, material handling, equipment design, warehouse process implementation, and distribution re-modelling, etc.

    We understand the broader business strategy and the role of supply chain and logistics in supporting it. For businesses looking for an increased competitive advantage, our consultancy solutions provide direction and support in driving improved profitability, improved customer service and increased supply chain flexibility.


    Effective implementation of solutions

    Our experienced consultancy team takes a systematic approach to identify waste in the system and find ways of eliminating them. To make it an implementable solution, we ‘hand-hold’ and guide the client throughout the implementation process to ensure that our solutions can be effectively put in to practice within the organization.


    Overall cost reduction

    We focus on the areas in the supply chain that cause bottlenecks. We focus on reducing waste in the process. Our solutions don’t only focus on reducing the warehouse management or transport cost but also targets cost reduction in the entire supply chain, while improving customer service levels.


    Distribution Management 

    Our transport solutions are customized to suit different types of cargo depending on our customers’ requirements.

    Our vehicle fleet range from small trucks to large container trucks that suit any type of transport requirement. Our transport solutions are customized to suit different types of cargo depending on our customers’ requirements. From dedicated trucks with client specific branding, to ad-hoc transport requirements, our expertise is in matching the operational need to the best fit solution at the optimum cost.


    Transport Management System (TMS)

    Our in-house developed TMS performs load/route planning, tracks operations KPIs and provides visibility on the operations along with having the required controls in place for effective operations management.


    Vehicle Tracking

    Using the latest GPS technology, our distribution solutions provide the best cargo security and journey information thru real time vehicle tracking.


    Distribution Management Processes and Practices

    The Advantis safety culture is evident in the distribution operations managed by us. Road Transport Safety practices practiced by us include Route surveys, a stringent vehicle selection criterion, driver selection and training, vehicle audits, journey planning etc. Our transport processes are best in class and in line with ISO standards.


    Supply Chain Solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Clinical Trials industry

    We have developed specific service offerings for the Pharmaceutical and Clinical Trial Industry with the focus of reaching out to the end to end logistic requirements of the industry, capitalizing on the organizations 3PL proficiency harboured within the entire Advantis Group.

    Today, we are an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 22000:2018 and Good Distribution Practices (GDP) certified company offering specifically designed solutions to cater for:

    • the secure storage of life-saving Investigational Medicinal products and non-Investigational Medicinal products
    • Storage solutions of quarantine products
    • the redistribution to affiliates, wholesalers, distributors, drug store chains, retail stores, sales representatives, doctor’s offices and direct-to-patients of pharmaceutical and Investigational Medicinal products
    • Value added services in the preparation of physician samples
    • Price marking under temperature-controlled environment
    • Returns collection
    • Destruction management


    This engagement with our patrons has over the years evolved into a multidimensional partnership allowing us to extend our services to global clinical trial organizations to manage the execution of controlled molecular trials in Sri Lanka.

    These tailor-made logistics solutions have invariably enabled the enrichment of the much-needed competitiveness in the market place and obtained the endorsement of our clients as well as the National Medicines Regulatory Authority of Sri Lanka. The drive and openness towards innovation has made us the leader in providing 3PL solutions for Pharmaceuticals and clinical trial clients in Sri Lanka.


    Warehouse Management 

    Our multi-user warehouses are best in class, and are strategically located to suite the business requirements of any customer.

    The infrastructure and superior technology in use; from a Tier-1 Warehouse Management System to modern material handling equipment and industry-specific storage solutions, play a pivotal role in adding value to our customers’ supply chain. Be it a bulk operation or a pick-&-pack operation, we have the expertise to manage it effectively.

    With our proven expertise in managing operations from client specific, dedicated warehouses and from warehouses within client factory premises; a client who has existing warehouse infrastructure could still benefit from the synergies we bring to the operations execution.



    Our focus is not only to relieve the client of managing the inventory, but also to relieve the client of having to manage warehouse infrastructure and resources. Our very own warehousing facilities (Distribution centres) are equipped to provide the complete range of warehouse related services to clients from a diverse range of industry verticals. In setting up client specific dedicated warehouses; we take care of all aspects of the operation right from selection of warehouse and warehouse equipment, to setting up and management of the warehouses and infrastructure, irrespective of the warehouse location. For pre-existing client owned premises, we take over the management of the existing warehouse infrastructure and the equipment within.

    Today, we operate over 900,000 square feet of storage space in multiple locations in the Colombo district.



    Our Distribution centers are strategically situated near ports /airports and close to commercial hubs. All premises have accessibility to heavy vehicular movement. All facilities comply with a strict selection criterion that is in line with ISO standards.


    Warehouse Management System – WMS

    Deploying a best-of-breed Tier 01, Warehouse Management System at the distribution centres we are equipped to plan and manage warehouse operations which will maximize the operational performance. The WMS provides visibility and control; and has been interfaced with client systems for seamless data interchange at present.


    Warehouse Practices & Processes

    We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization and have also been certified under ISO 45001:2018 occupational health and safety, ISO 22000:2018 food safety management system and the Good Distribution Practices (GDP) certification . The warehouse processes and practices adopted are Best-in-Class and have been aligned to client specific processes where required.


    Statutory Approvals

    We manage warehouse infrastructure that have been granted National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) approval, Custom Bonded approval and Consumer Affairs Authority approval. Our long-standing track record with these statutory bodies is an indication of the high standards we maintain in operations execution both in terms of product safety and service quality.


    Document Storage & Management Solution (DOCSTO)

    Established in 2008, DOCSTO is a Document Storage and Management system which is designed to professionally manage all your document filing and retrieval needs, thereby offering your company the flexibility in optimizing valuable storage space. We have a diverse range of services tailored to customer specifications to help customers securely manage and protect their information.


    Secure in-house facilities
    • Fire Protection System (e.g: Fire alarms & Extinguishing equipment)
    • Intruder Alarm System
    • Backup Generator and battery backup for security systems
    • CCTV Security Systems (24 hour recording with online access)
    • Pest Controlled and Fumigated Environment


    Secure environment
    • A flood-free zone and a neighborhood friendly for long-term storage
    • Close proximity to Seeduwa Fire Brigade


    Physical Document archiving – storing of documents in cartons
    • Customized solutions
      • High security zones
      • Convertainers® – container with a racking system
      • Fireproof safe storage
    • Document collection and delivery
    • Document destruction
      • Document incineration – for classified information
      • Document shredding – for obsolete documents, CDs, floppy disks, backup tapes etc.
    • Consulting Services
      • Designing warehousing facilities and racking systems or document storage
      • Provides expert advice on efficient content management
      • Managing customer’s document storage facilities


    Digital Archiving – Document Scanning & Conversion Services
    • Secure Document Pickup & Delivery
    • Document Preparation Services
    • High-Speed Document Scanning
    • Multiple Data Indexes
    • Form Recognition / Data Capture
    • Automatic Indexing


    Document Management System
    • Powerful Document Search Engine
    • Customizable Saved Queries
    • Electronic Sticky Notes
    • Data Access Auditing and Capabilities
    • Image masking for documents based on user rights
    • Session tracking using watermark
    • Comprehensive Audit Trails


    Self-storage & Moving Services

    We offer more customer value by diminishing the chance of damage as we delicately pack all types of cargo, especially valuable personal effects, such as antiques or vintage cars. We also specialize in heavy project cargo movement and placement. We use internationally recommended packaging materials to ensure that whatever we pack stays intact until it reaches its destination wherever in the world.

    Self-storage is an ideal solution for individuals and families that need external storage space. Expatriates who wish to take personal effects back to their country of origin can benefit from our diverse range of professional packing services and self-storage solutions.
    We ensure the safe delivery of your valuable personal cargo, from antiques to vintage cars.

    We also specialize in heavy project cargo packaging, movement, and placement for companies that wish to relocate equipment.


    Self-storage – secure storage compartments

    • Compartments available in different sizes (can select based on requirement)
    • Packing services including materials available for purchase (cartons, bubble wraps, tapes etc.)
    • Moving services in order to transport the packed cargo to self-storage compartment.


    Lashing inside containers for re-export:

    • Light vehicles
    • Machinery


    Industrial Cargo Moving

    • Internal moving of plant machinery
    • Placement of machinery at sites

    Cargo palletising

    Cargo direct stuffing to containers




    Recognized both locally and globally for providing professional and personalized freight solutions, Advantis Freight, is one of the top freight forwarding companies in Sri Lanka and in the Asia Pacific region with a strong global presence.

    As the experts of freight in Sri Lanka, we are specialized in providing logistics solutions for E-goods, Apparel, Tea, Telecommunications Equipment, FMCG and Pharmaceuticals.

    Our gamut of freight services ensures that we are the preferred partner for import and export logistics in Sri Lanka.


    International Freight 

    We represent the world’s largest air express freight services company – FedEx – in Sri Lanka. With an unrivalled air and ground network for fast and reliable shipping, our network covers 220 countries and territories worldwide.

    • Air Express Transportation
    • Consolidation
    • Customized ocean/airfreight solutions
    • Multiple freight options with all leading carriers
    • Chartering services
    • Intermodal & multimodal transport
    • Industrial project transportation
    • Block space agreements
    • Temperature controlled cargo handling


    Express Freight 

    We represent the world’s largest air express freight services company – FedEx – in Sri Lanka. With an unrivalled air and ground network for fast and reliable shipping, our network covers 220 countries and territories worldwide.

    • Air Express Transportation
    • Consolidation
    • Customized ocean/airfreight solutions
    • Multiple freight options with all leading carriers
    • Intermodal & multimodal transport
    • Temperature controlled cargo handling
    • E-commerce and cross border delivery
    • International Direct Distribution
    • International overnight priority


    Parcel Delivery 

    With a vast fleet of vehicles and an island-wide branch network, our domestic delivery service provider offers the following services at affordable prices:

    • Overnight deliveries (Documents & Parcels)
    • Same day deliveries (Intra FTZ & limited Colombo Metro)
    • Point-to-point delivery
    • Bulk deliveries
    • Cash on delivery (COD)
    • Delivery of Bills and Credit Cards
    • Special Deliveries – Annual Reports and Giveaways
    • Convenient tracking of packages



    With an anticipated boom in online trading, our E-commerce arm is geared to offer a complete range of services from Order Fulfillment to Last Mile Delivery. With an established network across the island and an extensive fleet of vehicles, we provide our customers with affordable and efficient logistics solution. Our order fulfilment service involves storing, picking, packing and delivering your products to your customers anywhere in Sri Lanka.


    Cross Border Imports

    Our parcel forwarding service enables customers to shop on US retail websites and ship their purchases to Sri Lanka. Customers who register for our service receive a tax-free US shipping address, which can then be used to shop on US online stores. We help customers to save on shipping by offering the option to consolidate multiple purchases from different stores and have it shipped to Sri Lanka at discounted rates as a one-stop solution for consolidation, shipping, and door delivery.


    Free Zone


    The Advantis Free Zone operates as an international cargo hub facility (free of regulations) in Sri Lanka focused on adding value to the global and regional supply chain of International Clients.

    We encapsulate the expertise and experience the Advantis group has accumulated over the years in the field of supply chain management, 3PL and value added services, brought together under one roof to offer a comprehensive global & regional distribution, storage and value added services hub based in Sri Lanka.



    We offers a wide range of services and business models to cater to the diverse requirements of international and regional supply chains across many industry verticals.

    Our facilities are specifically designed for warehousing, value addition and distributional needs of regional and global clients, supplemented by un-matched air and sea connectivity, the legislative and administrative ease of doing business and customs green channel facility.

    • Regional/Global distribution center operations.
    • Manufacturing, assembly plant operations
    • Multi Country Consolidation (MCC) – Regional LCL consolidation
    • Quality assurance center operations
    • Cold chain solutions
    • Regional headquarter operations for international clients including finance, billing and supply chain operations
    • Bonded warehousing
    • Front end services, call centers


    Value Added Services 

    Inbound quality and line item checking, picking based on FIFO / FEFO / LIFO, blending & packing facilities for various commodities, and more!

    Our service offering is further augmented by the numerous value added services provided to customer supply chains.

    • Inbound quality and line item checking
    • Picking based on FIFO / FEFO / LIFO
    • Blending, packing facilities for various commodities
    • All sorts of labelling, MRP stickering (printing and placement)- Laser Jet, Inkjet and Thermal
    • Bar code scanning, damaged label printing
    • Cargo palletizing and sorting, product cleaning, shrink wrapping
    • Assembly, canning, drumming etc
    • Light manufacturing (Manual assembly, kitting, bundling, etc.)
    • Kitting, bundling and re-packaging (For damaged goods, reverse logistics, etc.)
    • Slip sheeting, grip sheeting, high value storage
    • Quality assurance centers for garment Inspection, minor repairs
    • Batch, lot, manufacturing date and serial number scanning & tracking
    • Customizable reporting and KPI based on account specific requirements


    Warehousing & Storage Facilities 

    Our logistics facilities are located within the Katunayake Free Trade Zone which is in close proximity to the International Airport and Colombo Harbour and consists of state-of-the-art security systems and cargo handling equipment & machinery.

    Our modern facilities are located in close proximity to both the airport and sea port facilities in Colombo, providing greater connectivity and shipping options. Our facilities are also equipped with state-of-the-art IT systems for track and trace services, Eco friendly equipment and machinery for cargo handling and CCTV systems to guarantee round the clock security.

    • Our facilities are currently under preparation to be accessed for TAPA and C-TPAT certification in order to comply with global supply chain security requirements.
    • Located Less than 2km from the International Airport and within 30km of Colombo Harbour
      Situated within the Katunayake Free Trade Zone
    • Phase 1 – Internal storage area of 160,000sqf and yard capacity of 145,000sqf
    • Phase 2 – Internal storage area of 150,000sqf and yard capacity of 198,000sqf
    • Phase 3 – Proposed at Mirijjawila Industrial Zone – Yard space of 350,000sqf (initially yard cargo only and will be developed to suit manufacturing and assembly plant requirements)
    • Single story structures constructed with a combination of metal, masonry and concrete floors with insulated metal roofs
    • Covered loading docks for security
    • VAS areas
    • Clear heights ranging from 5m-14.5m
    • Floor capacity ranging from 4-15 ton/sqm


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